Tour Τhessaloniki - Agios Paisios - Loutra Pozar

Departures: 2/19/2022 - 2/20/2022
2 days / 1 nights
Price from 85€


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A long escape to the lady of the North!


We would depart at 7.30p. From   Piraeus with   destination Thessaloniki, the bride of  Thermaikos, the capital of Macedonia, the city  of Ag.  Demetriou.  You will make intermediate stops for coffee or food.    Then we would board the poulman and early the  mesimeri will arrive at the Holy Monastery of Souroti to  pray  the tomb of Saint Paisios.    Saint Geron Paisios of Mount Athos (according to kosmon Arsenios Eznepidis, was born on July 25,  1924 and was the only one who became widely known for  his life and  work.  He was declared a Saint of the Orthodox Church by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople on January  13, 2015.  He died on Tuesday, July  12, 1994 and was buried in the Holy Hermitage of St. John the Theologian in Souroti, Thessaloniki.  The   admiration around the elder Paisios results in  hundreds of people being visited     every day the monastery where he is buried, which is known by his name..

Late   in   the afternoon we would arrive in Thessaloniki, the second city of Athens, which was founded  in  319 a.m. X from  Cassander and took the name of his wife Thessaloniki, sister of Meg.  Alexandrou. Here Paul, the Missionary of the Nations, will challenge the aura of Christianity (50m.  h) and here  Ag.  Demitrios will become the bright meteor of the city,   megalomartys and prostatis.  Arrival at our hotel in the  center of Thessaloniki, arranged in the  rooms- overnight.


After  the  prussian, we will  depart from  our  hotel      to  make  the  tour  of the   city  to    admire  the  historical , its archaeological  and  religious  ornaments.  We will  pass  by    Aristotelous Square, one of  the  largest  and  most imposing  planets  in  Greece, with  the  statuette   of the  philosopher  Aristotle  to  dominate.  Around    it  are  the  most  important   beautiful   buildings  of the  city , which  have  been declared    listed.  You will  make  a  stop  at      the plaza  to  shop  for  anamnestic  gifts  and  the proud  triangles  Panoramatos   and  the  famous  more  tsoureki  from  the  patisserie  TERKENLIS.    We continue  our walk  in  the  city    to  see  the  White Tower, a symbol  of the  city, with a  height   34 meters  and  six  floors, which was  part  of the  fortification of the    city.    He will  worship  at the  Church of St. Demetriou, protector  of the  city, wherever  he celebrates,     a five-aisled  basilica  and  a Byzantine monastery.         of  the city, which  during  the tradition  was built  near  the  Romaic  bath  where  Ag.   Demetrius,  from where it   gushed  and  myrrh.  It would  admire  the  Arch of Galerius, known  as    Kamara, which  was built  in the  4th century   m.     In    honor    of the  Roman  Emperor  Galerius, who returned  victorious  to the  city  after fighting   against  the   Persians. You will  get to know  the  Rotunda, which  was built  by    Galerius  in  300 m. It  is      also a museum  with  works of  art,   surviving mosaics    and rare photographs.  Before      saying goodbye  to the bride  of  Thermaikos, we  would visit  the  Upper Town, the Castles, the Eptapyrgio, the Yedi  Koule  Ep. we can go  to  the poulman    to  depart  for  the  famous    Pozar baths  where we  will  have   free  time      to enjoy  our  spa treatment   in  the  small  closed pisins, in the  waterfall  or  in    the me great            pisina  and  benefit from the   beneficial  properties  of the  Medicinal  Baths of Pozar which  we are   stable  temperature      37οC, gushing  for  thousands of  years from  the  mountain  creating  an  impressive  spectacle     aparalis  natural  homophia  that  combines  the  liquid  element  with  the  dense green   of the  region. After  the  lunch   we   will  depart  for  Athens  with  intermediate  stops  for  coffee.                                                                                     

  • Transport with  luxurious climate-proof pulman
  • 1 Nights at a HOLIDAY INN 4* Hotel in Thessaloniki
  • 1 brekfast in boufess
  • Leader/Excursion Attendant
  • VAT

Not included:

  •  Museum entrances
  • Drinks, tips
  • That it is referred to as a pro-heretic


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